P3 Hub Americas

October 1: New York

The P3 Hub Americas 2020 will be a series of six Big Question boardroom debates. These closed sessions  will debate the important questions facing the industry and will focus on finding practical solutions to the key challenges.. These are sponsored invitation-only events where 'off the record' rules apply. Each debate (with approximately 16 attendees from a mix of disciplines) will have two hours to cover a topic and will be sponsor-led.

Four sessions have been taken so far, leaving two still available.

Sponsors are:






  • The Sustainability of P3s: Profitability Issues and Other Market Factors

  • Community Benefits Agreements Program

  • The evolution of P3s - How P3 projects and structures are changing

  • Alternative Delivery models – managing risk and capturing reward in the delivery of capital investment programs’

  • Managing risk for a balanced project

If you are interested in taking part and sponsoring one of the Big Question Boardroom debates then please contact Kirsty Wilson on kirsty.wilson@p3bulletin.com